Android Application Store

While everyone is naysaying about the latest video (see below) on a ‘possible’ HTC Dream handset, running the Android Operating System, I actually think it looks decent enough. Rumours are saying that the price of the handset is around USD399.

One thing for sure, Google will NOT miss the opportunity to open and run an online Application Store, ala Apple’s App store (which you access from iTunes). The distribution system allows developers to sell and publish their independant applications to the general public.

Having that in mine, L@ndM@rks will be continuing. I have not blogged about the final presentation, but it is safe to say that I am pessimistic of the group winning the grand prize, although I am optimistic about the software itself. We were the only group who were using anything resembling a mobile software (even compared to the industry participants).

The idea is a good one. An Android application which will run on Dream handsets. Not wanting to let a good idea just die off, I am pushing for the team (or most likely a new team) to finish up on the project.

Call it L@ndM@rks 2.0 or whatever you want… we’re finding for people who are interested in developing Mobile Application using Android SDK. You should be able to use Java (Eclipse). Read the whole thingee about Android at

Let me know if anyone is interested. It’s a hobby thingee, with an outlook to publish it on the eventual App Store. Deadline for the project? Most likely by the first quarter of 2009. 


It’s for fun firstly.


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