Bionic Six

I remembered watching this when I was in Standard Two! Come to think of it (after so long), the graphics were really good for the time.

It had a cool premise and a very very cool introduction song! Catchy!

Wow… feel like a kid again. Go on Youtube to watch some of the episodes! It’s really nice.

The main character, ‘Bionic-1’, was a machine-enhanced human being using bionic technology, much like The Six Million Dollar Man. On a vacation in the Himalayas, Bionic-1 and his family were testing out some new ski equipment. They were attacked by aliens and during the battle, in which Jack revealed his abilities to his children for the first time, there was an avalanche and the Bennetts were all buried alive under radioactive snow. All, but Jack (whose bionics made him immune to the radioactivity), were thrown into paralytic comas. Unsure how to save them, Bionic-1 brings the family to Professor Sharp’s lab. Sharp deduces that giving everyone the bionic treatment would cure them of the radioactivity too. Each family member was given a specific bionic power, and they formed a team named Bionic Six.

Sounds like Fantastic Four (with more than 4 members!), and bionic enhancements instead of superpowers from cosmic rays. 🙂


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