Psalm 27:8-9

Just tested the “Post on Blog” feature from Google Docs. The following was something that I had to write quickly before losing it from my mind. So, while I was still in the main menu in Gmail, I just clicked on “Documents”, and I have to say that it was a real pleasure using Google’s version of word processor; very lite and simple. The way I like it. Makes me wonder what else I can do with it….. anyway.


Psalm 27:8-9

God commands us (the word ‘said’ is a command, not just a message) to “Seek (which is a plural, referring to many people) my face”. So significant this verse is, because God commands everyone to seek Him. Seek His face. And it is noted that the Psalmist is happy to have his heart cry out “Your face, Lord, do I seek”. If we were to take the previous verse as a context (it is not clear whether it relates to the previous v.5-6 or to 8-9) God is calling us to seek Him for answers to their cries. They have to seek His countenance on the matter and not just cry, cry and cry. These would again call us to cast our whole dependency on God, and Him alone. Hard application: how do we seek after Him and know that we have seen Him? It is assumed that the Psalmist finds what he is looking for in the subsequent verses in v.12-13. The answer lies more closely in v.9, that God answers through His help in our very situation (the sovereign Lord and God has all things in His control, and therefore whatever results are not out of His plan. He has done it) and that help is geared (focused) towards our salvation (v.9b) in His Eternal Plan. Which is where v.10 comes in, to show that even our own natural parents, though they have loved us, is unable to ‘help’ us in the right sense, for ultimately, it is our eternal destination and end that is measured to in Seeking and in Finding God.


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