Rise of the Smart (PDA) Phones

The battle is raging on. Full steam ahead this time, what with Openmoko’s Neo Freerunner officially launched today!

5 distributors are selling them.

Check out the new website (www.openmoko.com), with new product featured! I’m really fired up. Wish the whole thing could be ported to my O2 Stealth.

Speaking of which, Google’s Android is also bearing down on the competitors (of the mobile OS scene). Here is a very nice write up on Android and what Google wants to do with it:


What use is there in Smart Phones (or PDA phones)? Plenty. For one, we will see the change of computers, from desktop to mobile ones. Seriously. Games? People will be playing more casual ones, than the dedicated games (actions, adventure, RPG). Phones will help us in our chores and organising our daily routines. And Internet access… I’m sure of it. It’s coming. 🙂

Maybe that’ll affect commerce too.

Just maybe.


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