How It Started!

Oh… I didn’t even know…

Hahahaha. I’m not mad, it’s just this: I was reading my very first on and found that the blog was actually connected to my discontinued e-mail newsletters which I sent out during the OCF days in Caulfield.

Backstory: I was leading a bible study group (As I recall in the year 2001) then, and being the ‘media’ person, I had it in my mind to write a gentle reminder about the occasion, and to ‘market’ it a bit. I ended up putting some reflections into each newsletter (which I still have them archived in digital format… Yes, I have them around :P) and called it “Short Bread”. Hahaha… funny… yes. I was younger then.

Everyweek, without fail, I would write something about the lesson that we were going to learn, or on the activity that we would be doing. I remember writing a pretty nice fiction for the “Gladiator” screening which we were going to watch together. Hahaha… fond memories.

Oh no… I’m in nostalgia mode!!!! 0_0

Really uncle indeed…. 😛


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