iPhone 2.0

It was announced just a few hours ago (while we were all sleeping in Malaysia :P). Key points which raised my eyebrows:

  • USD 199 for the 8GB version
  • Available July 11
  • 3G (duh…)
  • A-GPS

That’s it. Oh, and it’s launching in a bigger market, about 70 countries by the end of the year.

Strategy that Apple is heading to? Simple: market penetration on ALL available markets. Heavy subsidising, which will not profit Apple much. This was the only logical thing for them to do, since the PDA phone competition has heated up considerably, what with HTC’s excellent Diamond in the market (and the rumoured Android’s Dream phone coming out) and RIM’s Blackberry Bold also in the market.

It all boils down to ease of user interfaces. Seriously. Not many people will use a PDA phone because it is just so complicated! I’m fine with my O2 Stealth, thinkering with it. But not many know what to use it for, much less using it!

We’ll see how this goes. So, iPhone for RM650 anyone?



4 thoughts on “iPhone 2.0

  1. In a rare interview with Fortune magazine, Steve Jobs said that Apple can make great user interfaces on these devices because they know how to develop software.. unlike other hardware companies where functionality comes first and writing the software with a good UI is an afterthought. So yeah, you’re right, it’s the interface.

  2. LT: I think Android really has potential to rival Apple’s UI specialty. I really do. Google is the best contender to Apple in this area. I’m really rooting for them. What with their Open Source mentality (I don’t really mind their advertising). http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/industry/4268146.html … Good read.

    Grace: It will… I really hope they eventually do… 70 countries by end of the year. If not, Singapore is definite by next month. So we’ll see how. Get a GPhone !!!!!

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