Short Pellet Thoughts

  • Found that teenagers have burdens of their own, which may not show up on their faces, unless you ask the right questions. Too often, we forget that. Dysfunctional family backgrounds (although all families have that, but I’m referring to the more extreme cases), tend to have that effect on the growing teenager. In their ignorance, they act as the ‘saviour’ of their family, which is obviously foolish for them to do so.
  • Changing the mindset of a person, from being relativistic to biblical thinking, is the best way of changing a person’s life and those around the person. The change is real, and the power of God is clearly shown. After a long time, it’s really good to see the fruits bearing.
  • Do not assume that mere approval is a sign of comprehension. Especially for the young adults. An approving look, is far from the sign of comprehension. Cognitive ability for each person differs, and it makes sense to establish a form of ‘control mechanism’ (monitoring, feedback system, for all you non-Business people :P) to ensure comprehension.
  • We are made vulnerable when we are totally exhausted. Dangerous.
  • God’s Word is the vital truth that gives not only purpose, but certainty in decision making. The reverance of God’s Word is chiefly shown in the examples of the Christian life. Where there is none shown, do not expect the Word of God to be lifted up high in the hearts of the professors.
  • Limited life we’re living out to spur us to think of the duty that we have to do, before the day of accounting back to our Creator comes.

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