Comics – Pellet Reviews

  • Fantastic Four #557

It was fun. I like the compressed story telling style which Morrison and Millar has been using. The story packs a lot of ideas which plays off nicely with what has been built previously. Hitch’s art is as gorgeous as usual. Lots of background terrain detailed! I am curious for the next issue, seeing that Doctor Doom is in it. Wonder which version is it… 😛

  • Giant Size Astonishing X-Men #1

This was disappointing. I guess the slow production affected much of the momentum which the series tried to garner initially. Anyway, it is always sad to see a favourite character ‘bumped’ off in this manner. Kitty Pryde is the latest victim. She’s now lost in the universe, being molecularly bonded with the weapon of world destruction. This time it’s Colossus who has to deal with the loss. Some nice moments, but too late to save the overall story.

Nova #14

The best sci-fi superhero in comics at the moment. Nova tangles with the Silver Surfer (pictured) and his master, Galactus, and beats off a psionic entity, in this latest installment. Nova tries to save the doomed planet population from being devoured alive by Galactus. Lots of interesting ideas thrown into the story, constantly pushing Nova to his limits. Being the victor, he finds himself in a precarious position of being stranded on a planet that is just minutes to destruction.

Secret Invasion #3

Thrilling, having Jarvis (an alien impersonating him) give the ultimatum to SHIELD personnel. The whole issue was thrilling. We see the traitors revealed and more deaths happen in this part of the epic. Nick Fury returns after what seemed like ages (3 years), with his NEW howling commandos. It’s hero against hero (aliens). My best recommendation for an epic story read so far.


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