Back with Aches

It’s time to face up to the truth… My body feels like it has just came out of the washing machine… all bruised and aching. What with the petrol increase, we only managed to reach home at 4pm. I had to take 2 short breaks (cat naps)… I was that sleepy! The 2 Liew girls were sleeping, and so was ML! And it rained along the way… sigh…

Anyway, back home, it was unpacking and having an hour’s sleep, to catch up on my sleep depravation! Hahahaha… then, saw the girls off. The next few hours was a blur, since we were both busy updating ourselves on the Net (I tell you, just 4 days of not being on the Net and a whole lotta stuff happened!!!!). Slept promptly at 11pm.

Yesterday was painful. The sores and aches were NOT gone. I did not feel like doing anything. But it was a blessed bible study at APIIT. Covered Acts 3; particularly on ‘depravity of man’, ‘election’ and ‘the local church’. Talked to some students and it was back to home at 2.30pm.

Night was fun! We celebrated KM’s birthday (big boy, at 24!) with the small group of us (33, EL, ML and -drum rolls- VT!). It was nearly 4 hours of endless eating at Yuen’s steamboat (buffet!)!!!! I stopped eating after 1.5 hours. I also sacrificed whatever honour I had when it was time for the management to renew their fried chicken. You see, their specialty was this particular fried chicken which would be gone in 10 seconds flat, everytime it was served. KM and me were standing with our mouth opened in horror, as we never even come close to getting even a single piece of chicken, during the first round of re-fill! EL goaded me to stand in front of the tray, 5 minutes before time… and sure enough, everyone looked at us (kiasu people that we were!). After 5 minutes of thickening my skin, it arrived, and THIS time, we managed to get 9 pieces of chicken!

It was… not worth it (we reasoned that the chicken was so in demand because of the limited supply. Low supply and high demand, tends to affect our expectations and the reality of our taste buds)… it was just chicken friend with a ‘marmite’ type of sauce… much like “Paris restaurant”.

But the discussions around the table was worth the price of admission alright! Hahahaha.

I’ll post some pics later (if ever).

Today… it’s work. At night, it’s my good friends wedding (PLC and TCL)! Both were my former classmates! It’s about time guys… and naturally, it would be a Kuantan reunion dinner (pity ML for having to endure the Kuantanian chatter, that is sure to come).

Ok, my aches are gone (as at this moment).

Got to start doing my work now. Ciaos!


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