Spurgeon’s Treasure Trove

In order to be able to expound the Scriptures, and as an aid to your pulpit studies, you will need to be familiar with the commentators: a glorious army, let me tell you, whose acquaintance will be your delight and profit. Of course, you are not such wiseacres as to think or say that you can expound Scripture without assistance from the works of divines and learned men who have laboured before you in the field of exposition. If you are of that opinion, pray remain so, for you are not worth the trouble of conversion, and like a little coterie who think with you, would resent the attempt as an insult to your infallibility. It seems odd, that certain men who talk so much of what the Holy Spirit reveals to themselves, should think so little of what he has revealed to others.

Spurgeon’s First lecture from http://www.book-academy.co.uk/lectures/index.html

Bless the people who made Spurgeon’s excellent (and I really mean, excellent!) book on “Comments and Commentary” available for the general public (ME!). More helpful is the fact that they have painstakingly provided the links to the digital versions of whatever commentary that has been scanned from public access (no copyright issues!).

This is a TREASURE TROVE for any one who is serious minded about preaching from the pulpit. There is no more dangerous work than the one taken by a person on the pulpit, to utter God’s Word plainly and powerfully.

Spurgeon was nicknamed the Prince of Preachers. He is gifted in many ways, and has the capacity of 20 ordinary men! Look at his output throughout his life and be astounded. No one preached more and wrote more than him! Delightful person to thank God for!


Head over to Book – Academy for a look!


One thought on “Spurgeon’s Treasure Trove

  1. Dear Mr Loh

    I am the owner of the website you are referring to. Thank you for the very positive review, and so glad to know that you have found it a blessing.

    We are currently working on getting the book shop up and running and have also added a blog, which we hope will be Spurgeonic in content.

    Blessings to you

    Satch Chikhlia

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