Bullet Point Thoughts

  • It was a good Lord’s Day, yesterday. Despite the lack of sleep.
  • Found out that Vladimir Kramnik lost the World Championship title to Vishy Anand from India. That is quite a shame, more so when the contest was based on points garnered, instead of the traditional WC style; which is long and ‘to the death’ (one on one). I’m sure Kramnik will snatch it back end of this year. Something to look forward to for Q4. 🙂
  • The Phoenix lander has safely touched down on Mars. Images are coming in. Very phenomenal! It’s great to finally check out other types of God’s creation. But, knowing how the world sees it, we’ll see a lot of speculative ‘conclusions’ on the creation of the universe. Can you imagine that the place where the lander landed is like this:
  • Drawing and selling art on ebay is really something I should indulge when I have the time. Given the recent debacle on the sanity of Dave Sim, I am not sure whether the demand for Cerebus as a character would be sufficient. Either that or scantily clad women. Hah. Wolverine is always the rage, but I think the character has been overly used. I have an idea of drawing a short story involving some outrageous character (Cerebus must be one of them) and selling the original art on ebay. I’m sure once it has garnered enough interest, there would be demand for it. The question is the story and characters. Hmmm….
  • I saw an Xbox 360 being sold on Lowyat.net for RM500. I considered it for 5 seconds. 😛 hahahhaha.
  • Today, I’m going to read some books… and do some work.



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