Movies Must Watch List

  • The Orphanage  [Release Date: 8-May-2008]
  • Speed Racer  [Release Date: 8-May-2008]
  • 21  [Release Date: 8-May-2008]
  • My Wife is a Gambling Maestro  [Release Date: 8-May-2008]
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian  [Release Date: 15-May-2008]
  • Drillbit Taylor  [Release Date: 15-May-2008]
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull  [Release Date: 22-May-2008]
  • Superhero Movie  [Release Date: 29-May-2008]
  • Apa Kata Hati  [Release Date: 29-May-2008]
  • Someone Behind You  [Release Date: 29-May-2008]
  • How She Move  [Release Date: 29-May-2008]
  • Once  [Release Date: 29-May-2008]
  • College Road Trip  [Release Date: 29-May-2008]
  • Kung Fu Panda  [Release Date: 5-Jun-2008]
  • Prom Night  [Release Date: 5-Jun-2008]
  • Amazing Grace  [Release Date: 5-Jun-2008]
  • Missing  [Release Date: 5-Jun-2008]
  • The Incredible Hulk  [Release Date: 12-Jun-2008]
  • Get Smart  [Release Date: 19-Jun-2008]
  • Made of Honour  [Release Date: 19-Jun-2008]
  • Diary of the Dead  [Release Date: 19-Jun-2008]
  • Wanted  [Release Date: 26-Jun-2008]
  • Wall-E  [Release Date: 26-Jun-2008]
  • Run Fat Boy Run  [Release Date: 26-Jun-2008]
  • What Happens in Vegas  [Release Date: 26-Jun-2008]
  • Rec  [Release Date: 3-Jul-2008]
  • Red Cliff (Part 1)  [Release Date: 3-Jul-2008]
  • Hancock  [Release Date: 3-Jul-2008]
  • Journey to the Centre of the Earth 3D  [Release Date: 10-Jul-2008]
  • Hellboy II: The Golden Army  [Release Date: 10-Jul-2008]
  • The Dark Knight  [Release Date: 17-Jul-2008]
  • Sex and the City: The Movie  [Release Date: 24-Jul-2008]
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall  [Release Date: 31-Jul-2008]
  • The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor  [Release Date: 31-Jul-2008]
  • You Don’t Mess With the Zohan  [Release Date: 7-Aug-2008]
  • Rogue  [Release Date: 7-Aug-2008]
  • The Rocker  [Release Date: 14-Aug-2008]
  • Space Chimps  [Release Date: 14-Aug-2008]
  • The Ruins  [Release Date: 21-Aug-2008]

I ripped the list off The Star Online’s List of upcoming movies. The ones I am itching to watch (and to save money to watch) are those that are in bold.

🙂 It’s sure going to be an interesting ‘summer’.

P.S. Can you imagine? I have never watched an Indiana Jones flick on cinema! Sad… Looks like 4 for May (not including Iron Man which I have already watched!), 3 for June and 4 for July! Wow… talk about money flying off!!!!


One thought on “Movies Must Watch List

  1. Ok… I might just strike “Speed Racer” out of the list. Honestly, the reviews that have been pouring in has been quite brutal on this flick. Anyone seen it yet???

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