Bachelor’s Degree Criticism

I thought this was makes an intriguing read. Something that is not too surprising to hear, but nevertheless, a rare piece of thought in our age. I guess it’s rare because no one wants to admit that this is happening. What is? Read on…

Colleges are quick to argue that a college education is more about enlightenment than employment. That may be the biggest deception of all. Often there is a Grand Canyon of difference between the reality and what higher-education institutions, especially research ones, tout in their viewbooks and on their Web sites. Colleges and universities are businesses, and students are a cost item, while research is a profit center. As a result, many institutions tend to educate students in the cheapest way possible: large lecture classes, with necessary small classes staffed by rock-bottom-cost graduate students. At many colleges, only a small percentage of the typical student’s classroom hours will have been spent with fewer than 30 students taught by a professor, according to student-questionnaire data I used for my book How to Get an Ivy League Education at a State University. When students at 115 institutions were asked what percentage of their class time had been spent in classes of fewer than 30 students, the average response was 28 percent.

 Sounds familiar?

Well, at least Malaysians can be a little relieved to hear that they are not alone. 😛

Full article is from here.


5 thoughts on “Bachelor’s Degree Criticism

  1. So sorry man… I had to put in the ‘moderation’ setting for comments, due to some ‘abuse’ from a certain person.

    In the process, I accidentally ticked the “select all” (without knowing it was a SELECT ALL) and pressed the dreadful “delete”. Wham! It was too late. I think it would have been possible to somehow retrieve it from the database itself, but due to lack of time & not wanting to pry my brain cells more… I just have to accept the lost of 23 good comments. 😦 bummer…

  2. Eh, I thought it is still there…. I think I lost most of ML’s recent comments 😦 … she’s going to be pissed 😛

    as I recall… the main comment on this post was:

    We agree with the statement: “staffed by rock-bottom-cost graduate students”…. hahahhaha. That’s mostly what I recall.

  3. Yeah, in reference to “rock-bottom-cost graduate students”.. I said “sounds VERY familiar.. because that’s my salary for five years!!” And then you went.. “haha can’t be that bad right. Or is it really bad in the states?” Then I wrote “well that was my salary back then, seriously it was barely above poverty line.” Then I described the situation here where the present economy affects different cities and companies differently.. like in my company apart from slower sales things are going on as usual, and because we hire our staff carefully we don’t have to go through layoffs. And the only thing affecting us now are high gas prices.

    Sadly my brain recalls stuff like this instead of things that really matter in life.. 😛

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