Goodies to Look Out For

First day of holiday was a blast. Finally, managed to catch up on ‘some’ exercise, and doing a bit of cooking. Still clearling up some stuff before I dive into 1 project.

Anyway, this year is quite an eventful one for entertainment and electronics. No, I’m not talking about Mobile Phones / PDA phones (yes, yes, I’m a bit obsessed with that). I’m referring to the entertainment side.

Some that caught my eye yesterday:

The X-Files: I Want to Believe

Yes, you read that right. The duo are back. I’m glad they’ll be dealing with their son, William, in this film that is set in the year, 2008. Remember the ending from the season finale; Doomsday is 2019 (If memory serves, that is).

I really want to believe that this won’t be a disappointment… anything gives at this point. Let’s see whether Carter has caught up with the current filming development over the past few years since the series ended.

Go here for the write up on Entertainment Weekly.


There will be nearly 500 possible endings for this game, that is due out this year. 🙂 I’m pysched out for this one folks! If you have not heard before, Fallout is a post apocalyptic war computer game story, that is played out in Role-Playing Game format. You control a person who has to complete a mission(s) in this strangely weird and most-of-the-time funny world. The best part of the game has always been the crazy persons you get to meet up with.

What is different with this new game is: New developer, New game engine (First Person Shooter perspective) and New story!

Wow… look at the images. 🙂 I’m so there! (For those who are unawares, I have been a gamer since 1985… hehehe… what makes a game great is ALWAYS the story first!)

That’s it for the entertainment side. 🙂 It’s nice to indulge in this ‘worldly’ things at times.



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