On the Last Day

It was a packed day.

  • The pitching went… erm… not too well, as it was the first time these students had the opportunity to present before a panel of experienced judges. You had the Product managers and Heads of departments for a few prominent private companies. I have a feeling that we won’t be making it through the finals. It’s a crying shame though, as the idea itself (I honestly feel) is an excellent commercial idea. Brimming with potential, surely.

Download the slides: L@ndM@rks (unfortunately, due to the competition results as of 7th May, I will have to take these down :P).

  • Had tea with the Multimedia guys. Learnt a new term: Salty Sushi! Hah! No further comments on that. Had Kajang Satay (the franchise, not the actual place in Kajang). Yumm… And the temptation of going back to World of Warcraft is great! Ack! Resist the devil…….. hahahaha… I’ll actually consider that.
  • Cleared off my stuff, only to find (at 5.30 am) that I forgot one important issue which I had not resolved yet. Go figure… my brain is playing tricks on me already.
  • Oh, the Ikea cookies I brought to work were finishing. As I recall anyway. Very nice cookies indeed. Wish I had tried more 😛 hah!
  • I deleted and cleaned my office desktop folders and files. After 4 years, it had way too much junk. And way too many mp3 songs. 😛 Yes, I listen to a lot of songs doing my work. It helps me to think… actually, no, it doesn’t. It does provide a better environment (wall of sound) to think. Considering that many people passes by my desk (I’m located just at the entrance to the cluster, shunting off the collective sounds is a hard thing.
  • Went home 5 minutes earlier than usual (5.55pm). It would have been earlier, if not for the many people I bummed into as I was going out. Said my goodbyes to those I met.
  • Had a lovely dinner with ML. Chatted about the day, repplied some mails and watched 30 Rock (I haven’t, although ML had, and was STILL laughing her head off even though it was her second watch!).
  • Mini-Announcement: For those who were asking, “where is Er Lern headed after this?” Well, the answer is simple and shocking (to some) – I’ll be going full time, assisting my pastor in church ministry. It has been planned out for years. Thank God for His timing and His calling. 🙂

All in all, it was a fun and in some sense, whacky day. I do not feel sad at all, or do I miss the workplace, mostly because I know I’ll be visiting them soon. Outreach Bible Study is still on, as often as I’m able and God allows. It is not for any worldly gain. Not here to attract great numbers or anything, just to answer simple questions pertaining to life, which is God-given, lest we be ignorant on the life we are currently living.

Au revoir indeed.


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