Random Interests – At the Moment

  • My wife has a very nice blog at http://www.meilengloh.com. It’s also an amateur flog (food blog). But we’ll rectify that soon enough 🙂
  • Learn Asterisk people… and you’ll have plenty of demand in no time. What is Asterisk?

Asterisk is the world’s leading open source PBXi, telephony engine, and telephony applications toolkit. Offering flexibility unheard of in the world of proprietary communications, Asterisk empowers developers and integrators to create advanced communication solutions…for free.

Get the information from http://www.asterisk.org/ and free text book from here.

  • Demonoid.com is back! Pirates reign. 😛 hahahahahha. They’ve been out for nearly 6 months. It’s been THAT long.
  • X-Japan had 3 sold out concerts back to back from the 28th of March to the 30th. It was awesome. Check them out at Youtube. Freaky to have Hide (the lead guitarist who committed suicide) back in the form of a hologram. It was great to have Sugizo, Wes Borland (guitarist for Limp Bizkit) and Richard Fortus (guitarist for Guns N’ Roses).
  • Anyone wants to start up a ‘commercial project’ like Revision3? I had planned up the business model and schematics of it for 2 years. I cannot do it, but doesn’t mean I cannot pass it on. 😛 Just mail me or message me on this (I don’t expect much replies on this :P) Hahahaha.



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