My last day in my current employment.

That’s the last day.

I’ll be making an announcement on my plans in the afternoon (assuming I come back from Cyberjaya on time that is). The official announcement is always on this blog (first) and only then on Facebook (secondly).

It will be shocking to most. Those who know about it has been ‘shocked’ to say the least. Most of them.

Anyway, things have been quite hectic. Surprising, as I thought a person who is leaving the company ought to be taking things a bit slower and just relax and stretch a bit.

Guess not.

From the 22nd of April to the end of the month (30th), I’ll be on ‘holiday’. Not much of a holiday (as I originally planned it to be). I have 3 projects that I will try to finish during that ONE week. Yes, all of them are commercial projects!


Well, if Er Lern tak boleh, who else can, right? (rhetorical question… don’t answer it :P)

In some sense, it will be some of the last commercial projects I will be undertaking for some time. The launch of my personal (N3XT) project will be on the 1st of May. Not commercial. It’s personal. All I can say is… this blog will cease to be used.

Yes. How it evolves… we’ll have to wait now right? 🙂



2 thoughts on “21.04.2008

  1. Well, if Er Lern tak boleh, who else can, right? (rhetorical question… don’t answer it :P) —>> aisehh…still the same ol same ol..

    about time u leave that place, i’d say. i’m sure u’re not even mentally challenged there – no room to improvise.

    nways, i’m leaving my current job end of this month as well. starting Nestle MT programme on the 2nd, and will be posted outside KL in middle May.

    so, would like to wish u all the best! ehem…before that…ehem… taknak belanja makan ker? ;p

  2. Hmmm… sounds like a typical you 😛 leaving something so early… hahahaha….

    Thanks thanks….

    I will be going to a very very different field that is the most challenging of them all.

    I belanja you? Cis… it comes down to that, right? 😛 hahahahah… contact me, and we’ll have dinner in my place k?

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