Got into the Semifinals!

Dear Er Lern,


Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that your entry “L@ndM@rks” has been
shortlisted for the semi-finals, based on the general idea and concept.

While the judges were impressed by your idea, they have raised some critical questions with
regards to your entry. We would like to share these questions with you and would strongly
encourage you to address the “gaps” before coming for the pitch:

• Availability of current technology/similar application vs your application?
• How can your application benefit beyond the current target user group to people with
special needs?

Pitching will be held in two weeks, so you have ample time to prepare your points and present a
convincing case for the judges, including the issues raised above. They will then select the four
finalists who will move on into the prototype development stage. Kindly note that this panel of
judges may include some who were not involved in the earlier filtering process.

Details as follows:
Date : April 21, 2008 (Monday)
Time : 10.00am (Please come at least 20 minutes early to set up your presentation)
Venue : Auditorium of Ericsson Malaysia
3420 Persiaran Selangor, Cyberjaya

During this session, you are allowed to use presentation slides or other audio/visual aids to
present your idea to the panel of judges. Kindly take note that you only have TEN minutes to
present, followed by a Q&A session with the judges. Please be prepared to address any
concerns/questions the judges may have.

Please bring a thumb drive with the soft copy of your presentation slides and other materials.
There will be a laptop, projector, whiteboard and markers provided. If you need any additional
equipment/hardware for your presentation, kindly bring it and inform us beforehand.

Well… that was surprising. Looks like my last day will also be a day of intense action! Hahahaha. I’m going to be very busy after all. This seems to be the general message God is giving me for the past 2 months. 😛 It’s a good thing to be busy, in the right way and right manner.


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