Quick Comics

Ultimate X-Men #92


Interesting comic. Professor Xavier and the future Wolverine (named Cable), returns to aide the heroes against Apocalypse, who is bent on controlling all mutant genes for his own glory. Some intense moment as Xavier gets trashed by Apocalypse, only to get Jean Grey worked up, and ready to unleash the Dark Phoenix power that she has been carefully controlling (dumbing down). Overall, an average book. Could have been a bit more visually exciting. Could have been more compact, instead of the oft used (and now boring use) of ‘widescreen’ comic book panelling.

All-Star Superman #10 

Grant Morrisson and Frank Quitely’s work is nothing short of spectacular in this series. Instead of de-compression style, Morrisson uses a very different style of ‘compression’. Basically, he is cramming as many concepts as possible into one issue. It makes the whole issue fast paced, and I like it… because it reflects the ‘super’ in Superman. This is a man who does many many things because he is just that capable. Morrisson pushes Superman to the limit, what with his impending death (overloaded with energy, causing his cells to die out), the need to accomplish 12 incredible feats, defeating monstrosities, rescuing suicidal girl (which I thought was the best part of the issue, see image attached) and moving the citizens of the bottled city of Kandor to Mars, and much much more. And Lex Luthor also features in a one page scene. Very rivetting stuff! I highly recommend that you buy the hardcover for this series. It IS WORTH every cent! Truly!


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