Terminator: Must Watch Series

ML and I highly recommend the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles series. It is only 9 episodes (courtesy of the recently concluded Writer’s Guild strike), but it really packs a nice entertainment wallop!

It’s worth the time. Suspenseful and with good characterisation. It also stars Brian Green Austin (I think I spelt that correctly… remember the youngest guy on Beverly Hills 90210?). Also the main lead is the wife of Leonidas from 300… a british lady who really packs a very powerful punch (real life boxer).

Go watch it already!



2 thoughts on “Terminator: Must Watch Series

  1. EL, it’s Brian Austin Green. Yeah, he looks better (more buffed up and manly) than his wimpy days in Beverly Hills 90210. Lena Headey (Sarah Connor) is a beautiful kick-ass actress! Hope they will continue the series.

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