Expelled – The Movie

I was well informed on the state of several Creationist scientists very early on in the early 2000’s. It was true, and I heard it from one of the top scientists himself, that there are scientists who are barred from any secular/contemporary scientific journals the moment you utter any hint of ‘intelligent design’ or ‘creationist theory’ elements. It is a very sorry state. The perpetrators behind this are just as bad as the people they are accusing from the past for ‘limiting or oppressing’ scientific advancement (namely during the rule or heavy influence of the Roman Catholic church). Again, my thoughts on this is simple; you cannot rely fully on ‘scientific experiments and hypothesis’ that is done in the present to substantiate historical evidences. At most, you are doing a very interesting/complicating assumption work. You’re applying things backwards to explain things that you will never see or be able to prove. The main assumption behind all the work of associating and application is this: what happened in the past is still PERFECTLY the same for the present.

Which of course is not what most people would want to say, they believe in 100%.

All the more, this movie “Expelled” makes for an intriguing watch when it comes out. I’m sure of it. The trailer looks good.


Dawkins is interviewed in the movie (yay!). Hahahaha, and yes, to make things clear, people who believe in God (the concept of it) is ridiculed much on the Net media. It does not matter. What does matter is to understand that most of them are often in a cloud of ‘herd mentality’ (evidenced in Digg site).

A good excerpt from the blog:

A rousing SRO preview on Tuesday of the new Ben Stein documentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, brought a Kansas City audience to its feet.

And with good cause. Stein’s often funny, always engaging frontal assault on the oppressive neo-Darwinist establishment is arguably the smartest and most sophisticated documentary ever produced on the right side of the cultural divide, on any subject, ever.

As such, Expelled represents still another blow to the progressive orthodoxy of government-issued science in its winter of discontent.

The winter started early when in November two separate labs, one in Wisconsin, one in Japan, announced the breakthrough discovery that adult skin cells can be reprogrammed to mimic embryonic stem cells.

Just two years earlier, the elfin journalist Chris Mooney had likened adult stem cell research to creationism and assured the readers of his best seller, The Republican War on Science, that this “dogma” had been “resoundingly rejected by researchers actually working in the field.”

As the winter rolled on, and as all four major global temperature tracking outlets showed a precipitous drop in annual global temperature, and as snow fell in Baghdad for the first time in recorded history, only Al Gore remained in meltdown.

Meanwhile, on a seemingly daily basis, the neo-Luddites from the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front have been putting a distinctly left wing face on the “war on science,” in this case a real war on real scientists.

And into this breach, armed with his trademark tennies and bemused grin, marches Ben Stein, America’s only economist/ presidential speechwriter turned comic actor. The producers at Premise Media could not have recruited a better on-screen presence.

Although the role Stein plays has been compared to the one Michael Moore plays in his film, the Stein persona is conspicuously brighter and more benign.


6 thoughts on “Expelled – The Movie

  1. I’ve come across many people on online forums who ridicule the Bible, but who appear not to have read the Bible themselves! When prompted, they tend to say they’ve read “significant parts of the Bible” but yet the way they describe it clearly shows that they have read none of it or at most very little. Herd mentality, like you said. 🙂

  2. Yea…. another good example is in the link itself… you suddenly see a huge amount of comments from people who are just as bad (or worse than themselves). People who accuses Bible believing people of intollerance, but who are anything but tollerant towards people who challenge their Darwinian pre-suppositions.

    *Sound of sheep bleeting in the background 😛

  3. From a non-Christian:

    Please permit me to assist you in your struggle against the fraud of embryonic science fiction with some facts you may not be aware of.

    1-First, know that modern stem cell therapies were first suggested by two pioneers in 1998: Prof. Doris Taylor of Duke Univ. proved that adult stem cells (ASC) could cure rats of heart disease and Dr. Jamie Thomson of Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison isolated the first line of embryonic stem cells (ESC), thus setting the stage for research.

    2-Both doctors thought it would be a very long time before humans could be helped. Thomson said “decades” (meaning a minimum of 2018) and he reiterated that time frame recently.

    3–Taylor, in her own words, was “naive.” In THREE years, human heart patients were in clinical trials in Hong Kong, Germany, and Brazil! By 2003, the Brazilian scientific paper was reviewed and accepted by the American Heart Association. Since then, over 3000 humans have had ASC implanted into their hearts and about 75% of them have and are experiencing an improved quality of life, with increased energy, reduced chest pains, and especially a significant reduction of shortness of breath. Meanwhile, the murderous criminals of the embryonic fraud, to THIS DAY, maintain that ASC cannot work.

    4—Meanwhile, in the past ten years, a world-full of mediocre (or blind) embryonic “scientists” in any one of hundreds of labs in over two dozen countries, (mostly without restriction) have failed to cure one ANIMAL of ANYTHING, while convincing a gullible world that these non-existent cures will be rushing down the pipeline.

    5—Embryonics never has been about curing people; it about money and votes. Every embryonic researcher and cheerleading medical writer is either a fool (if he truly believes these poisonous cells can be implanted into a human to save or improve that life) or a charlatan who KNOWS they cannot.

    7—The embryonic fraud survives ONLY because the scientific community and the media refuse to discuss the truth about virtually omnipotent ASC: Adult stem cells can today, in 2008, improve the lives of patients with 100+ diseases, and are doing so on five continents. Of course, this renders embryonics all but useless, which would destroy their profits and votes.

    8– Professor Colin McGuckin, professor of regenerative medicine at Newcastle University, and a world embryonic leader, said THIS year:
    “The best estimates of the embryonic scientists in our own university in Newcastle is that embryonic stem cells may not be able to help people this side of 50 years. That’s my lifetime. And that’s worrying. We can’t wait that long.”

    Realize this, my Christian friends: the hoaxers of embryonics accuse you of not caring about suffering living people, when they, like all frauds, make their living by falsely accusing opponents of that which THEY are guilty. People in America are dying by the thousands because their medical “experts” are not allowed to let the truth about virtually omnipotent ASC be known.

    Don Margolis
    Autologous Stem Cell Advocate

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