Chapel Chat – Small Graces

Came home late last night due to work, and when I finally settled down, I opened the plastic bag containing my old Chapel Chat inserts from my old church, and poured through them for the small treasures that it still contain. I flipped through the countless pages of bible study notes which I scribbled back in 2001-2002, smilling often as the good memories was remembered.

Sovereign Grace was discovered and taught to a youth who thought he knew everything.

It was in those notes and booklets that I was brought down on my knees to understand what true Grace that is entire from God was to a destitute and crippled sinner.

These are treasures that can never be surpassed in its estimate.

P.S. Also found a small trinket that never hit me as important then. But now it does. 🙂

Thank you God!


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