Of Governments

If you were not in the know, the Opposition party won 5 states this round. That is an astonishing victory. Finally, the main coalition is made aware of how different communications have become over 4 years. Blogs do matter.

Although it is a clear victory for the Opposition (hey, the state I’m in is finally in their hands) that does not allay the fears of violence breaking as a result. Was with ML having dinner and noticed the deadness and stillness of the whole neighbourhood. What would have been bustling with people, are only having a mere paltry number of people.

It’s a happy occasion, but remember: Governments (and the parties) do not save people. Politics will not save you.

This physical world is subservient to a deeper set of reality:-

The battle in politics will not save a nation from their sin. The moment you lose sight of that, is the moment the prince of this world has you in his grip!

I voted. I believe in the duty. But I would never believe in the world. It has not only a bad track record, but it is so declared because of its being.


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