Phone to Watch

Yes, I finally felt what an Iphone could do the other day. My friend bought one from the States recently (the 8GB one for USD399, not inclusive of taxes). I have to say that even ML was impressed by the phone and the intuitiveness of its Graphical User Interface (GUI). Never underestimate the importance of GUI in the acceptance of a gadget. It was one of the main elements that made World of Warcraft so popular. And what made Macintosh (in its heyday) popular then.

Which is why, my eyes are set on Openmoko and the Gphones (based on Google’s own mobile operating system called Android). I really wish that the rumours of a USD100 gphone (smartphone running off Android) from Samsung would be true, but I kinda doubt it.

Openmoko (which I mentioned many times before) is surely one that is gaining momentum by the fact that it is open sources (although it has a core team to develop it) and it has time on it’s side (started slightly earlier than the Iphone).

Now it is a race for supremacy to get the best application to the forefront. Iphone SDK (Software Development Kit, the programming package which helps developers to develop applications) was released yesterday (with a USD100 million support for developers on its brand). Google Android late last year (with a USD10 million prize money for the best application). Openmoko was middle last year (no incentive, except that everything is open sourced).

I’m sticking with the underdog. Followed by Google. And lastly Apple. Have to admit that getting games to work multitouch on Apple was a very very good strategic move, considering that many consumers are gamers in some ways (hardcore, casual and otherwise).

Check out what the Openmoko can do.


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