Samsung SCX-4521F



We bought this monster last Saturday. That’s it… we have finally finished our shopping spree for our SOHO (Small Office/Home Office). This is our first Multi function Laser Printer. Yes… it is a LASER printer… why? What’s the rationale for plucking down RM800 of hard earned cash for this?

Simple; laser printing saves a lot of money.

A toner costs RM280. It can print 3,000 pages. Which makes one sheet of paper costing 9.3 cents.

A normal ink jet printer can print up to 300 pages. Catridge costs RM50. Thus, a single piece costs 16.7 cents.

Costs aside; the quality is much much better. Crisp printing. And this one does photocopying with the press of a button! What more can we ask for? 🙂

As you can see, the only downside to this model is:

  • No duplex (double sided printing, unless you do it manually)
  • No wireless connection (not a great loss for now, but yes, connecting through USB can be a pain when the laptop comes along).

We’re quite happy with the printer at the moment. The service centre is quite near, in PJ and the warranty is for a year. It is great to read off the paper instead of from the LCD monitor! Good for the sight, definitely! 

Did I mention a laptop? Yes… one is coming in 14 days time. Seriously a basic level one. Will review it when it comes.

If only I could also get a handphone! Hahahahaha…. yeah right! *I need to ‘accidentally’ drop my current phone (too sturdy of a Nokia!!!!) into the toilet bowl before I can get a new one!*

One can wish 😛


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