“I admit [after a long pause] I was very naive and very silly in the past, but I have grown up now,” Chung, 27, told a packed and frenzied crowd of international and local reporters, photographers and cameramen – without explicitly saying she was in the photos.

Gillian Chung on the compromising pictures of her and Edison Chen (They are big Hong Kong stars). More information here.

It is not a good situation to be in. To have your past revealed to the public. It never is. But I am sure many have the same details that seem nice at the time, hidden in the nooks, waiting to be revealed. Two responses often come up; denial on one hand. Vindication on the other.

Vindication comes in many forms; an excuse of what was wrong and a determination to ensure that it is the past, is most prevalent, even in this case.

The fact is that the worst offender is always God Himself. Shame in the light of the public is just a sense of ego. But the real shame is the one that is based on the Light of God, our Creator who we owe all things to.

That is usually the harder aspect to see.

It is easier (not easy) to merely react according to what the people would want, to satiate their own desire for justice. But far harder to respond in the ‘right’ manner to the One that matters.


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