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Pen Art 

Can you believe that this was done using normal blue ballpoint pens? BIC pens actually. Amazing! That is not a photograph picture… This was done as a dare, and turned out to be the artist’ selling point! Each one selling easily 1,000 to 5,000 Euros. By the way, the canvas used is around 10ft long in dimension!!!!

More on the artist and background here.



This series have been absolutely brilliant so far. Finally, they (Marvel) have managed to flesh out and revitalise a second tier cosmic superhero and bumped it up to the first tier titles. Praises have been coming from all around, and they are well deserved by the Nova team. If you see the title anywhere, go read it.

The Kree Empire, one of the Marvel Universe’s dominant interstellar cultures, has been locked in a cage with an enemy out to destroy them. That enemy, the Phalanx, has sealed off Kree space and begun infecting inhabitants with a techno-organic virus that affectively turns people into members of the Phalanx. Those not infected are killed and turned into fuel to power the Phalanx war machine.

A small band of heroes have arisen to fight the Phalanx, and their struggle is depicted in the pages of “Annihilation: Conquest.” Richard Rider, the hero known as Nova, is not currently among these champions, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t doing his part to fight the Phalanx invaders. In the pages of his own title, “Nova,” Rider has launched his own desperate quest to end the threat of the Phalanx before they wipe out the Kree and spread their techno-organic infection throughout the Marvel Universe.

More on the comic book title from here. This is one of my MUST read comics, monthly!


Wish my art was this nice. 🙂


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