After More Than 10 Years

I found a ‘lost’ friend from my CPU years (Canadian Pre-University Programme). Not ‘lost’ … that is discarded… but more to ‘lost in translation’ type. Or better yet, more accurately, ‘lost in transition’. GCM met PJL and me in Calculus class… it was the class with the teacher from SJFBC. Anyway, it was my first class that had friendly people in it! I was green… just fresh out of Kuantan. Go figure… anyway, it’s interesting to note that Facebook does help in re-connecting with people that were close (geographically), but just not close enough (socially).

CPU days were the best!

60% fun, 40% studies. Best part, it was a different type of studying, which focuses more on the social aspects that were much neglected in the earlier schooling years.



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