I cannot understand how spoilt some kids are in this generation. Influenced by the notions of Western Beverly Hills lifestyle, they are often so controlled by the material comforts; in their emotions and in their character. A good day is signified by having a good spree up a nice mall. Happiness is indulging in expensive caviar.

Spoilt is the best word that cannot be replaced in describing such. Worse is when the money is not theirs, but their parents. What foolishness on the part of the parents! I respect highly those families who are rich but their parents do not reveal their material richness to their childen. In fact, they bask more in the spiritual, intangible richness with their children.

The foolishness of those parents create a breed of teenagers who grow up with a deceptive (almost depraved-like) manipulative character; demanding things that they want, throwing a tantrum if they do not. What is more despicable with these people is they hide their manipulative (evil) demeanor behind a mask of innocence. But resist the devil and their fangs will be drawn up! Foolish ones… they see not the evil full blown, but in a different colour. No good comes from the heart, if not for the restraint of God’s grace even in these.

Ironically, these are the people who manipulate their way up the corporate ladder with no sense of shame nor do they know how to blush! If we were to throw the scene a few centuries back, they are no different than the ruthless, merciless khan’s of old who sought fame, power and money by any way possible.

God have mercy on us all, for this is common in our days.


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