I Hate Joe Quesada

Ā amazing-spider-man-545-011.jpg

It is really not a secret that Joe Q hates Peter Parker being married to Mary Jane Watson. I really don’t understand why he would have gone with it, even though JMS was not happy with it.

Sigh. Short version of the event: Mephisto (aka Devil in the Marvel Universe) agrees to give back Aunt May life, in exchange for their marriage… i.e. there is no wedding to begin with. History is re-written. It’s mind boggling and frankly, lacks much logic. Peter not able to shoulder the responsibility of having his aunt shot because of him? Hey, he already had how many years to recover from Uncle Ben’s!

Anyway… art was superb. Got to give Joe Q that. But, I will NOT be reading Spider-man anymore, until they get a story to get both of them back together. You don’t play with marriage like that. Just to create emotions and play with them. That’s just inhuman. So there… I really need to just stick with the Spider-man dailies! šŸ™‚ At least my beloved comic couple is still there!

I hate Joe Q!


Heart wrenching…. sigh….

It ends with MJ saying “…you hit the jackpot” and…. that’s it…


5 thoughts on “I Hate Joe Quesada

  1. When stuff like this happened that I’m thankful that I’m not reading Marvel right now (besides Runaways)

    Also, if Spidey could do it, couldn’t Ironman makes the same deal to bring back Steve Rogers? šŸ˜‰

  2. Horrible people. The board agreed to this?
    It’s actually going against Spidey’s character, but then again, the man who wields the pen has the power. He had no chance being left to the mercy of the ‘real’ Mephisto, Joe Q. Man, these artists there to prove a point keep messing with our favourite superheroes.

  3. Adib: Long story, it’s because Mephisto wants to mess up a ‘pure’ marriage to basically give the middle finger to the marvel universe’s concept of god (which of course is logically and theologically impossible). Stark has nothing Mephy would want.

    Ad: Yea… Joe Q is Mephisto!

    ML: No…. it’s wrestling which better acting and emotive proficiency. šŸ˜› so there!

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