Check Your Gmail Filters!

This is vital for those net freaks out there…

Full story from here:

I took a look at the ‘Filter’ option in my own GMail settings, and it turns out that you can easily set incoming emails containing specific words to be forwarded automatically. For example, if you want any emails containing the word password to be sent to another address, no problem. It also appears that the Filter can delete the email from your GMail inbox as soon as it has been forwarded, so you’d be none the wiser if a hacker was playing havoc with your incoming mail.

IMPORTANT: If you use GMail, it’s absolutely vital that you check your account settings now.

Here’s what to do:

When logged into GMail, click on the ’settings’ tab in the upper right of the screen. Then check both the ‘Filters’ and the ‘Forwarding and POP’ sections. This is what I only just found in my ‘Filters’ tab:

The following filters are applied to all incoming mail:

Do this: Forward to, Skip Inbox, Delete it

Matches: from:(
Do this: Forward to, Skip Inbox, Delete it

I have absolutely no idea who’s email address that is, but it seems to me that some of my personal emails were bypassing my inbox entirely, instead being forwarded to the address.

It appears that the GMail security issue is fixed, but that won’t remove any previously installed Filters from your GMail account.



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