Say what you want about Microsoft, but I dare say that 90% of most companies will end up with Microsoft’s policies and decisions given the same success that they had achieved in this 20+ years. 10% because what they do give out is quite ingenius at times. πŸ™‚ XNA development is such a one.



Check out last years winners. This year’s competition is set to rock! I have been trying out their free XNA Game Studio and The Dark GDK for a week. I like what I see. πŸ™‚

The next that piqued my interest is in the Legacy of the Force series. A series of stories set in the Star Wars universe (with George Lucas’ blessing of course) post Return of the Jedi. This is a few decades after that film; Luke is the head of the new Jedi Order. The Solos has 3 children, minus one who died in battle. Chewbacca is dead. And many more characters added… Luke married and has a child. Wife dead too.

The story so far has been dark; Jacen Solo, son of Han Solo and Leia Organa, nephew of Luke Skywalker, has turned to the dark side, calling himself Darth Caddeus (I think). The girl pictured is his twin sister who is out to undo the wrong of her evil twin.


How do you innovate in a universe that is already so dense with characters and limited by what the originator (Lucas) puts into place? Well… you just re-use the same elements and package them differently. I like the new package, but recognise the same substance in it πŸ™‚


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