Of Right and Wrong

Very interesting indeed to wake up and read of:

Amri Chirouf, director of Middle East Research for Amnesty International, said: “There is no doubt that this is a direct result of the severe discrimination to which women are subjected in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia … which includes at the heart of it denial of the right of the freedom of movement.

“Human rights are universal values, they’re shared by all human beings. They’re not to stop at frontiers, so they should be the concern of everyone.”

Human Rights Watch said it has called on Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah “to immediately void the verdict and drop all charges against the rape victim and to order the court to end its harassment of her lawyer.”

Excerpt from: http://edition.cnn.com/2007/WORLD/meast/11/21/saudi.rape.reaction/

I am nearly completing Edmund Morgan’s very insightful and well-researched book entitled “The Puritan Family”. Ever since marraige, the concept of family intrigues me. Implicit to everything that has been said, the family unit IS instituted by God. Families do not just self order themsevles. And that is just something that stumps people around. Family without the concept of God, is like talking about sandwich without any bread or butter.


The purpose and condition of family bliss has to be governed by God’s mandate on us, and not us to Him. That is why so many families are close to breakdown ‘if not for the children’. Everything is held by a flimsy principle that could snap at the barest flick of the finger. And yet many want it no other way. Ignorance is bliss. But it can never be an excuse.

That’s why the case quoted above intrigued me; here are people trying to condemn the Arabs for their legal system and their reasoning? “Human rights are universal values… shared by all human beings”? I’m sorry, but this coming from a group of people who do not believe in the concept of a sovereign (almighty, undomesticated) God. Who then made it a universal principle if you don’t believe in God? And it is because you do not believe in a sovereign being (who purposed value to man for they are made in the image of Him), that you should ACCEPT the diversity and permutations of such deviances in legal acceptance.

Basically, they are hypocrites. For a nation who seeks to destroy all notions of God, they have the least claim to universalities. Self-centeredness and man-centeredness drives the permutations (differences) in such moral acceptance, that forms the law of each state.

That is why I admire and will always admire the Puritans. A group of Christian men and women who lived amongst hypocritical Christians, and yet they did not slack in putting God as the center of their lives (worship according to Romans 12:1-2). Were they ridiculed? Sure, up to now, their names are a byword to the world.

But that is only to the blind worldly occupants of this world who cannot appreciate spiritual matters. Give me Puritanical lifestyle, that relies all on God and gives all to God. Satisfaction and contentment is guaranteed forever, with a real guarantee given in our lives now, through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Now that’s a purpose driven life.

Not this living for the next 1 year, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 years. It’s about living for the next 1,000 years or infinity! That is the universal conscience that is hardwired in us to make us acknowledge the existence of life after death.

(By the way, reincarnation is just a very cheap excuse to ignore this truth. It is an ignorant agent that tries to soothe but never truly comfort/heal the issue of life)


Of Right and Wrong.


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