Few Things On My Mind

  • Packer’s lectures on the Puritans (been very good, although some things I cannot agree with at the outset).
  • Selling off my precious Legends of Lone Wolf series (I have a complete 11 books out of 12). This is my most precious possession which can easily go for hundreds USD on Ebay if I were to sell it. Still contemplating, although ML is disuading me.
  • Comic strip. ‘Nuff said.
  • Computer Game Development. 2 comes to mind.
  • Kuantan Graphic Novel (still in the works folks. It’s been a long while, this one).
  • E-mailing some friends. I really am lagging in my replies. Sigh. The mood needs to be back.
  • Changes to some things.
  • I’m being vague. Yes I am. So there.

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