Secret Invasion Is Coming

What happens when the main character that you thought gets killed, and it is revealed that the person is actually a shape-shifter? That is what happens in the Marvel Universe, when Iron Man and his Illuminati group finds out that Elektra was actually a Skrull alien. In the final New Avengers: Illuminati #5, things come to an epic beginning when one of their elite group is revealed to be a betrayer!

Note: Black Bolt revelation of being a doppleganger was classic, since the readers know that Black Bolt is a person that cannot speak (mute) due to his vocals (a mere whisper carryies the power to unleash a sonic wave equivalent to a nuclear bomb).





I’m so hyped out for this!


2 thoughts on “Secret Invasion Is Coming

  1. Aw, man. I’m not planning to read Marvel again anytime soon but now that you mentioned Secret Invasion, I found out that Bendis will be writing that one.

    Even if start reading Marvel again, I was planning on reading X-Men: Messiah Complex but now, Secret Invasion sounds good.

  2. I really think Messiah Complex sucks big time as it is now. The first two parts have nothing that has not been done before. A rehash of the same old same old.

    Secret Invasion at least has been in the works for the last 4 years. Playing out really nice. 🙂

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