Oh! Sick!

Yes… I have fallen sick… yet again! Throat is a goner. To make matters worse, the doctor’s prescription created allergy (which had never happen before for the same medication). Ah well, throat was feeling numb, and constricted, and the all so common signs of rashes confirmed what had happened to me.

Rushed off to the doctor (5 minutes walk away) and complained! Took the anti-allergy pill, went home and waited for the problems to go away. It went, after 4 hours!!!


Anyway… resting today. Body cannot take it anymore. Was sleeping for 10 hours straight.

Books… come to me. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Oh! Sick!

  1. That sounds like some antidote drug in a sci-fi movie. Glad that you managed to get a much needed m.c. to give your battered body rest and your mind some extra info.

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