Head Spinning

I’m quite confused now. Doing way way way too many things at the same time. Am quite tired. That’s the reason for the lack of posts.

By the way, my Internet connection died. The modem was thrashed by me, after months of frustration. I finally cracked open the body and it never recovered. Died. Not a single beat of yellow light anymore on this Webbit wireless modem.

Ah well.

On the positive side, I watched Numb3rs on television last weekend (during the long Raya holidays) and loved it. Very interesting premise, although I suspect, there is a high possibility of it degenerating into CSI predictability before long.

I might be falling sick too. Might… maybe it’s just the stress.

For those who joined for the Kuantan dinner, supper and breakie… it was fun. Let’s do it again in PLC’s house!

Oh yeah… friends are coming up from Melbourne… yea!

Thinking of getting some equipment for my home office (more for ML)… money, money, money. I hate to have to condition my mindset to look at it as investment. Grin.

What else? Hmmm…

I need more rest.


Hebrews 11 have been a genuine source of encouragement for me at the moment. Grappling with so much Truth, so little time.

Adios, until next time.


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