Facebook is evil! It sucks your life away with mindless applications that sparks pseudo-fun. Away! Away!


Seriously spending way too much time checking it.


I rather be addicted to a computer game.

By the way, finally finished Carson’s short book on the KJV debate. Interesting read… got a bit more enlightened on textual criticism and some other doctrines on interpretation.

I’m planning to scribble more on my facebook, since more are connected there. It’s just a plan.

Drawings are coming back soon. Very soon.

Time, time, time.


What a rush!


9 thoughts on “Evil!

  1. That’s why i kinda abandoned phasebook. Felt being exploited by just using a cheap gimmick to trick us into advertising their stuff for free.

  2. Haha… I’m ONLY limiting myself to the “Fighter’s Club” AND “Vampire”. But the latter is really dying off soon. I guess the Facebook (not phasebook Akira! :P) effect is wearing off on me.

    Which can only be a good thing.

  3. Lol~~ FACEBOOK RAWKS~~ XD damn i need a life.. too many things to do in there!!! GRRRR~~!!! VAMP + ZOMBIE + WEREWOLF~~ dunno why i’m addicted to that.. @@ FYP FYP FYP!!

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