Quesada Art



Take a look at both pictures from the recent Spider-man: One Day More series… I don’t care what all the rest of the reviewers are saying about him, but Joe Quesada, the Enditor in-Chief (EIC) of Marvel Comics, has gotten his art better than before. This is a really vast improvement from his work on Daredevil.

Many panned his latest work; pinpointing his human figure exaggerations and cartoonish, ‘ala McFarlane,’ style. I believe these critics are lacking in one area; art appreciation. Quesada is now at a stage where perfect figure rendering is not of main concern (Miller style) but it is the underlying feeling and message that has to be retained properly. Face it, most of the reviewers are way too use to Spiegelman style (where you know he is setting up something abstract) and to other indie styles, but are ‘shocked’ to see some of these applied ‘quietly’ or ‘discretely’ within mainstream comics. Remember that Quesada has always been getting subtler in incorporating these emotive elements in his art (where in placement, structure, line, ink or object choice.. see Daredevil – smith run and his own ‘Father’ run,  Ash, and this one).

And this is confirmed with his latest interview on Newsarama. I personally enjoy his art and am glad that the EIC of Marvel Comics is not only one who is a good writer (Iron Man run) but is also an excellent penciller 🙂 No better leader than one who gets his hands dirty.



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