My right eye is hurting.

I have no idea what’s wrong with it.

No point in going into details of what I have been doing. Probably I’ll list them down, for those who want to know:

  • Finishing “The King James Version Debate: A Plea for Realism” by D. A. Carson – second time reading it. Textual Criticism is certainly a useful area of study. Opened my eyes to a lot of matters. Read a bunch of articles related to manuscripts, autographs and text-types.
  • Will watch Flash Gordon (2007) the new TV series, pilot episode tonight. I have no idea whether it is a good choice.
  • Going to watch Mork and Mindy (1970s) series. Really funny stuff, and I only heard about it from my parents and was intrigued to find that Robin Williams was Mork!
  • Starting ‘slowly’ on Systematic Theology book by Berkof.
  • Finished thumbnails of a tract for inhouse use.
  • Deliberating on Watercolour competition (Putrajaya)… RM30 per entry.
  • Listened to John MacArthur’s personal testimony (2 versions) on MP3.
  • Considering getting the Fire & Blood series on China’s martyrs by Paul Hattaway.
  • MP4 player konked again. Need to repair 😦
  • Going through Hebrews; very spiritually satisfying.
  • Preparing for weekend in Kuantan.
  • Updated facebook and friendster. Yes, I actually do. Sigh.
  • Preparing to give piano lessons next month (yea… shocking right? :P)

That’s it for now.


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