September 11

I nearly forgot the date and its significance.

It was on this date that world politics became mainstream for the people at Caulfield campus lounge. People were staring into the television in front of the cafeteria that was opposite the arcade centre. Talking and murmuring. A scene of gloom and of despair as everyone started thinking of their friends who were there.

As I walked across Dandenong Road pass the engineering faculty, I could not remember a more silent day than the day after September 11. No honking of cars, no shouting. Just an awful still in the air. The biting cold wind, with its wind chill factor, made it even more profound.

Reality of how big the scope of fear is seen in the eyes of every person I met that day. The lecturer made some remarks about the event, about his relatives there in the States… it was the conversation and issue for the next few days. He could not bring himself to teach, and the class ended early.

It was a cold day, on the day after September 11.

It was a day of despair as man gazed straight into the maws of Goliath and flinched back, knowing that he awaits even the people of modern cities.

Thank God for the David that God has sent.

Rest well, memories of September 11.

O Death, where then is your sting?


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