ZGameEditor – The tool for writing 64kb games!

Now this is an interesting website with something to offer to computer game developers. 🙂


A tool for creating small arcade style games, demos and screensavers.


  • Integrated developer environment where you build, preview and test your game
  • 3d graphics components
  • 2d game play components
  • Import bitmaps to use as textures
  • Import MIDI-files for music
  • Import 3D-models from 3DS-files
  • GLSL Vertex and Fragment shader support
  • Scripting language
  • Real time audio synthesizer
  • Xml-based project files: only one file for each project. Easy to edit manually if needed.
  • Creates stand-alone executable files that are only 64kb or less in size
  • Create Windows screensavers
  • Create animations to use in other applications (about-dialogs or splash-screens)
  • FREE: Editor is freeware and the content you create can be distributed royalty free

Interesting is all I can say.


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