Internet Chatting Romance – The Perils

A very good write up on a murder done motivated by Internet love triangle. Read the whole article here. Let me say that although Internet chatting is not wrong, but do indulge it ONLY if you know the person in offline (real) life. Stay away from chat rooms as much as possible, as the level of deception in those areas are too real. Some excerpts are as follows:

…Then there was the matter of the hundreds of pages of correspondence and dozens of photos he kept on his computer to document, and savor, every moment of his time with Jessi: It was a digital paper trail showing a man careening out of control. Ken Case, the assistant district attorney who worked on the case, said, “He was a guy who prior to this happening was a very dedicated father. To make that much of a transformation, as a result of communicating with a fictitious person, is pretty frightening….”

…Locals say she was “one of the best parents around” and a devoted cheerleader at Jessi’s basketball and softball games. The principal of the middle school that her children attended was so impressed with Mary and her maternal dedication that he hired her for part-time clerical work. In all of Jessi’s 18 years, Mary told me, she had missed only one of her daughter’s games, to work the polls at election time. How could a mother like that, I asked her, hijack her daughter’s identity to seduce strangers? Her answers, unsatisfactory as they are, suggest a profound capacity for self-deception….

…He tried to explain what drew him to his computer. “When I’m talking to Cindy or you like this, face-to-face,” he said, “it’s hard for me to say what I feel.” As Tommy, however, the words came easily. And then there was Jessi. He loved her, or at least believed he loved her, though he knew he was “never going to meet her.” His plan was to “kill Tommy off” in Iraq, but Cindy intervened too soon. He nearly committed suicide because of his guilt about having lied to Jessi. Why, I asked, when he was suspicious of so much of what Jessi said, did he believe she was who she claimed? “She kept sending pictures,” he explained. “One picture, maybe not. But there were so many pictures over a period of time….”  

Although Instant Messaging is a convenient way of contacting people, but the dangers are equally great. How do you know for sure the person who is actually behind the monitor? Like it or not, too much deception can still creep into the scene, even with web cameras… yes, even that may not be a good defence or assurance giver. So don’t waste your life completely by being lazy and not meet up with a person or at least verify the person’s existence before going deeper into a relationship with him or her. When you do want to meet up or verify, ALWAYS do it with another person. If a person only will meet up if you are alone, run away. It is a scam. There is a difference between real romance, and foolish infatuation that is self gratifying. You have to learn to draw the line somewhere or else live with the consequences.

Some consequences are too great. As the aforementioned story would show.

Be smart.


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