They know only how to have fun, to laugh out loud, talk nonsensical stuff and to grab attention to themselves. These are the youths. They ignore the work and the things to be done, unless it is pointed out to them. They want praises, they want fun and they want just to belong. They flock together, they would never just want to be mixing with others, but with their own.

While they’re indulging in their own wiles, the older, more tired, more battered, persons are doing the work that needs to be done. Not because there is glory in them, but because if the youths won’t do the dirty job, who else is there? Besides, they have only one person to please in this life: God.

And the youths always wonder why things are not ‘exciting’… why things seem so hard for them.

Soft, cold and selfish youths, that’s what our generation has produced.


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