Untested Faith

Many Christians can shout as much as they want about their knowledge and their convictions. It is very easy to do so in an environment that is devoid of any true test of their faith. The younger Christians of this generation are being deluded by ‘conservative doctrines’ which produces a strong appeal to trust in their own ‘knowledge’ and their own ‘experiences’. Thus, these Christians are able to show a form of religiousness, in some aspect commendable. But deep within them, the actual heart is still unknown to all other people, except for the Creator.

Like it or not, even with a ‘background’ or ‘environment’ of deep conservativeness, their actions bespeaks a deep manner of liberalism, devoid of going through the path that is narrow and hard. They trust too much in their own intepretation, their own feelings and they are very reluctant to take the time to read the bible for all its worth and to listen to the saints that were tested in their faith before them.

This is our generation. Truly a more perverse generation than the Pharisees of Jesus’ time.

And yet, so mightily blinded and clouded by the worldly attitudes, that seek intellectual attainment and avoid real fiery paths.

It’s a damned generation. God have mercy on us.


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