David & My Day

David is my hero.

For through him, the saviour was revealed.

Jesus was the Son of David.


Had a nice conversation with some friends after lunch. Interesting to recall back the history. I often remember the mistakes and problems that I faced then. It is not really any different from what I face today. Maybe a bit more subtle. Maybe a bit more intense. But at least I know that I am not the only one facing such problems.

On family: the onus is really on us to figure out the best way to pay back and to show gratitude to our parents for their struggles and effort in providing for us.

On friends: sometimes, distance is but the final solution to it. Maybe that would really prove who your real friends are, if they come through it with you. We do not appreciate friends enough until we are really in the risk of losing them.

On the heart: we cannot understand the heart… we may honestly be feeling and thinking something, while the actual heart is hiding the true intentions underneath. How then can we understand the heart? Well, Jesus makes it clear; check the actions. If the actions are all showing a particular train of thought, but the ‘heart’ is saying otherwise, the conclusion of the matter is: the heart is deceiving the owner.

Others can see this clearer. Often, others can point it out, but no one likes that. No one likes to be blamed or accused. So often, the resistance to it is borne out of our emotions and feelings of injustice, rather than a coming back to the scriptures to check against the standards of God. So much easier for the non-believer/non-christian, for they do not have any reference point.

Very insightful practical application of “…For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (Mat 12:34)”. In the accounting field, there is a famous principle that is taught: the person should not only be fair and just but to ALSO be seen as fair and just. No use to say “I’m not like this or I have pure intentions” when the actions are not coinciding it. For if the believers are confused, what more will the non-believers.

Many have broken faith because of an over reliance on self-righteousness that stems from their own experiences and feelings. Many believe they can control their own heart or understand it. But we cannot understand it unless we scrutinize our actions according to God’s Law. The fact that we do not, is a clear evidence of our error.

I found the day’s conversations refreshing.


Chatted again in the evening/night. I wish it was more spiritually edifying.

Regretting the indiscipline of hometown gospel preaching. God knows how spiritually dead the town is.

Ran some errands, and now typing this out.

The Lord’s Day dawns.

God bless.


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