Of Pool Playing

Imagine my surprise to read of Kelvin, an acquaintence from PwC and who was from Monash, Melbourne. Read it here.

Malaysian accountant Kelvin Yap, who now works in Britain, said while the higher salary was enticing; it was more the international exposure and greater opportunities that took him there.

He used to work with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Kuala Lumpur for three years before moving to London, saying that the job progression is good despite people thinking there would be a glass ceiling for non-English professionals.

Yap, 26, from Petaling Jaya, now works as an investment professional in HarbourVest Partners, a global private equity of funds.

The fact that he is younger than me made it harder to accept that he is an accounts genius. No joke… his grasp of the intricacies of the field is tremendous. Very bright person who scares everyone working with him (in a good way).

Still begrudging the awful defeat of playing pool with him after hours while doing work at Silverlake Sdn Bhd years ago. I think the score was like 18 (him) to 2 (me).

Guess he is flying high now.

With all the success it makes me wonder about the spiritual aspect that ultimately brings the strongest and cleverest person down on their knees.

Small world. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Of Pool Playing

  1. Hey Er Lern, how are you doing? Where are you located at present?

    Did you know that Wai Yin is now engaged??

    Keep in touch.

    Kelvin Yap

  2. Hey Kelvin!

    I am lecturing in a local private uni/college ***** (protected for my safety). 😛

    No… I only found out from you! What a neighbour right? hahaha… but I wouldn’t be surprised, since they have been together for quite some time now.



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