I don’t like to write much about work. Yes, I’m lecturing in a private local uni. The state of education in Malaysia really is quite appalling. Granted, this is not only here but also a global problem.

Which makes me enjoy ALL the memories of my previous years of education. I look back from primary to post-grad and I have to say that overall, God really gave me the best experience a student can get. Not all were fun, not all were beneficial, but it was lessons well taught.

The primary problem with the current education environment stems not so much from the government (really) but the decadent spirit of the youth. A worldliness that shows itself forth by the “packaged”, “simple”, “instant” mentality. And we are not helping them if we make things too simplistic and too formulatic. Thus, the tendency for them not to think and to ponder and to analyse and to contextualise.

Thankfully there are some (1 or 2) that are not lumped up into the general fold.

I wish they would see that spiritual education is just as important (if not, more) as secular ones.


3 thoughts on “Hopeless

  1. I’d gone to an interview for an intern position few days ago at an international company (doing Web 2.0 businesses). They said that i was the brightest intern they have ever interviewed so far. And that’s a big compliment considering that they only take top quality people. I’m not trying to brag or whatsoever, and of course i’m happy being praised like that, but at the same time, i felt a little disappointed as i know for myself, at the age of 22, i’m nowhere near the state of being a genius. I’m just a person who likes to think.

    This clearly shows the quality of graduates we have in Malaysia. By just being more curious, readily to learn, reading more constructive books/articles, and spending more time doing image-training, one could easily become better than 95% of the people in the country. And i believe these activities are easily doable. Yet, most people are content to just stuck with the 95% category. Young people these days seem to take granted on many things and are not willing to put in efforts. I’m very sad to say that up until now, i do not have any friends who i can discuss the various area of interests of mine in great details.

    I personally do not believe in academic education. In my eyes, whether the person gets a first class degree or a third class degree, it does not make any significant differences. In my opinion, the ability to think dynamically, creatively and having the vision to look beyond the obvious are the most important aspect of education. Instead of building up academic knowledge and superficial analytical skills of students, the mentioned aspects should be given more priority. And for the same reasons, i think academic textbooks are getting obsolete in building up creativity. I think the academic education is bounded by the compulsoriness of academic and business models and theories to justify an idea or strategy.

    Of course, this is the education system which is adopted in every university around the world and i may appear a little foolish to go against this system. But little did most of us realized, we are moving to an age of creativity. We are moving to an extremely fast-paced world where we will compete based on ideas and innovations. The ability to think dynamically is very important. And our current education do not encourage that. We are only encouraged to follow, and that’s why i think it is a problem.

    Lazy mindset of the general masses plus the non-progressive education system is equals to the failure of everything.

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