Game Glee – Lone Wolf & Quake


I lost hope in books for a couple of years in primary school, when physical sports and TV took hold of me, day and night. When I thought that there were nothing that was printed that could capture my attention, the gamebook by Joe Dever caught my attention while waiting in East Coast Book Store (now closed). The story was enthralling, and grabbed hold of my imagination as no TV cartoon would. Lone Wolf!

I have a complete set of the RARE Legend series by Joe Dever & Paul Barnett (minus the last book #12) which if I were to ebay the whole set would earn me a few hundred ringgit, at least. 🙂

Now it’s back. And it’s expanded and revised. Oh man… I cannot wait 🙂 Check it here:

And a computer / console game will also be released!



John Carmack… game whiz. I really symphatise with Romero, but in terms of principles and exemplary acts, Carmack is the best.

TTimo and Scott have the game launching off a web browser, not playing in a web browser, but launching off a web browser. That’s the idea of it. You kind of go into a web interface to see what the community is all about, let you see what competitions are going on, how you play the game, etc. Kind of like how a poker site works, you kind of go there and see what’s going on and with one click, you start your download of the game and then play in a test game or training mode until the download completes. After a couple minutes of practicing, you have the full Quake 3 experience and can start playing verse anyone in the world. The whole interface is backed through a web portal, and we’re able to test out a lot of things that we want to do in pushing the Arena, and the new Quake Arena game. After we get QuakeZero up and running we’re going to have part of the team spinning up on id Tech 5 and the completely new Quake Arena game. That’ll be in development for a little while.

Wow. Cannot wait (again). Interesting idea that would work wonders if done carefully.


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