Other Universes

Parallel Universe, Multi-verse, and other types of conceptions have often been spouted by many a faculty. This is one that has been refined: http://space.newscientist.com/article/dn11745-could-black-holes-be-portals-to-other-universes.html

This would be an excellent vehicle for a new science fiction piece. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Other Universes

  1. Hoho, coincidentally, i’m reading the book Parallel World by Michio Kaku. I’m only 10-15% through, but this book is already my favorite cosmology book of all.

    And i also wanna read the book Time Travel in Einstein’s Universe. I remember i came across the book in APIIT library when i was 17 and was very interested with it. Unfortunately, my knowledge wasn’t strong and i don’t understand much about it as the content is pretty deep. I think i’m ready to read it again by now.

    I will share interesting stuffs here once i’m done with both of the books.

    And no, physicists do not treat all these things as science fiction. There’s so much potential in quantum theory. Do you know recently scientist managed to teleport light particles and data? That’s just the baby step for human to teleport ourselves to another part of the universe.

  2. I’m aware of the experiment, but do you know that it came about in fiction first? Crichton dealt with the main issues in his excellent sci-fi book “timeline”. Too many conundrum which would make teleportation as we would want it to be theoretically improbable. Plus, it would take too long to see the physiological and psychological impacts on the human being.

    But no, I don’t believe in all the other universes. But it does make interesting reading. Hahaha.

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